How to do Sniping in PUBG

All of you have heard about a common idiom written below.

Practice makes the man perfect.

and this only you have to do this only by playing TDM just only using Sniper rifle and Arcade mode of Sniper rifle.


  • Firstly you have to go in training made and then go inside your settings page inside the Sensitivity section .
  • Then try to change the Sensitivity of the scopes.
  • As lower your Sensitivity of scope is lower will be the shaking.

Controls settings

The frequently used button during sniping is the Peak button. If you are righty then keep them in right side and vica versa.

The Modes in which you have to practice only using Sniper rifle

  • TDM Warehouse
  • Sniper Training
  • Arcade mode of Sniping

Types of Sniper Rifle


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